Skyfire Series


The sky is a moving wonder that civilization has (literally) looked up to for as long as our history has existed, and likely for as long as it will exist. Ancient religious texts also refer to the heavens as the dwelling place of God.

It is with this rich history in mind that I set out to meditate on the sky through painting. I marveled at its complexities, its subtleties, and its mystery. In quick active marks, I applied oil paint with a palette knife, scraping back and forth in a sort of frantic dance, allowing me to follow my intuition with each mark.

My hope is that the work creates an atmosphere of reverence.

Standing in front of these large paintings—the largest of which is 4 feet tall and 20 feet wide—it is clear that they are meant to dwarf the viewer and overtake their visual senses. The feeling is not unlike laying on your back on the top of a hill at sunset. My hope is to recreate a fraction of the glory of the sky and offer viewers an intuitive emotional experience with my representation of its glory.


Skyfire: Rising Hopes
Skyfire: Rising Hopes – 2007
16in. x 48in.
Oil on wood
Custom-sized prints available on canvas or fine paper
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Skyfire: Benediction
Skyfire: Benediction – 2006
20ft. x 4ft.
Oil on 11 wood panels


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