A collection of experimental pieces from my time as an art student at Messiah College.


Untitled (G)
Untitled (G) – 2007
2ft. x 4ft.
Acrylic, spray paint, paper, charcoal, chalk, and stencil letter on wood panel

Untitled (Pink, Green, Orange)
Untitled (Pink, Green, Orange) – 2007
36in. x 16in.
Acrylic on wood panel

What? – 2007
10in. x 10in.
Acrylic on wood panel

Less is More, More or Less
Less is More, More or Less – 2007
18in. x 24in., 9in. x 6in.
Acrylic paint and collage on wood panel, acrylic on canvas

Memory Erodes
Memory Erodes – 2004
2ft. x 3.5ft.
Acrylic, oil, and spray paint, found objects, and collage on wood panels

Bifurcated – 2004
4ft. x 5ft.
Oil paint, gesso, and wood assemblage on burned wood panels with incandescent light between panels


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